14 April 2019

This website serves as a catalog of all my projects as well as some walkthroughs. The goal of publishing these is to bridge the gap between beginners and more advanced programmers/electrical engineers/makers/hackers/whatever. When I was going through tutorials for projects, a lot of the time I will have 3 tabs open with 3 different tutorials, all for the same thing since they use slightly different methods without explaining what makes them different. I try to avoid that by including all the information needed to complete a project in one page, minus a few assumptions like how to solder, install new programs, etc. Despite my best efforts, it is the tendency of people with some skills to think that everyone else has a similar, if not the same skill level as them. There are also some projects where existing tutorials are good enough so projects related to those topics will just be a report of what I did to share my experience

I am inspired by people like N-O-D-E and AvE. I enjoy making things myself. Even if the store-bought thing is cheaper and more reliable, the feeling that comes from taking electrical components, construction materials, or simply time at a keyboard and making something that leaves me proud of what I did is addictive. Part of doing cool things is sharing what you've done, so here's a catalog of what I've done.