I am an engineer, which I believe also makes me an artist. If that's not good enough for you, then I'm also an amateur photographer and occasionally learn a song on guitar or bass. I have a degree in Computer Engineering which means I'm supposed to be good at small electronics (logic gates and CPUs rather than power lines) while also being decent at programming. My hobbies reflect this: I like to make things like colored LED strips run by an Arduino, bird-feeders that take pictures, and some pure software projects like this website.

I enjoy building things myself, even if they are worse than a commercial product. Building a thing yourself connects you to the thing in a way that buying a product simply cannot. These projects aren't commercial-levels of reliable, I do my best at security but I'm not an expert. If you factor in the value of my time, I'm not saving money. These projects are for my enjoyment and curiosity only.

I started this site to act as a project-report repository. Hopefully I do a good enough job that someone can follow along with too many other tabs open.